Internship Program

Upland Manor is always looking for volunteers. We have many great opportunities for individuals to get involved in our ministry. One great program that we offer for volunteers is our Internship Program. The program is open to all ages, but is primarily geared towards high school and college age individuals looking to serve in a non-profit Christian environment. The program gives individuals not only the opportunity to serve but also for them to learn new skills and experience. Below outlines the areas that we currently offer in the Internship Program.

The Internship Program is brand new to the Manor. We hope this program will allow us to help train the future leaders in ministry.

  • Events

  • Pastoral Program

  • Kitchen/Chef Assistant

  • Maintanence

  • Office Assistant

How Do I Join?

Applications for the program can be picked up in our office. Our location and office hours is available on our contact page.

All applications submitted will be processed by the office. Candidates who meet the criteria for the internship applied for and if their is an open need in the program will be interviewed to see if they will be a good fit for the program.

Candidates who successfully pass the application and interview process will be eligible to join the internship pending successfully passing all internal pre-intership requirements.